Breastfeeding 101: Making the experience easier for new mothers


By Amy Bartko, BBP BloggerResearch undoubtedly shows breast is best when it comes to feeding baby.  Breastfeeding is shown to reduce the risk of illness, allergies and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS) in infants as well as decrease cancer risk and postpartum depression in mothers.  But none of the research has found that breastfeeding is easy.

However, new moms and their little ones can get the most out of the breastfeeding experience with some of these great picks from Brilliant Baby Products.


 Peek Away 4-in-1 Nursing Essentials Kit - Brilliant Baby Products Breastfeeding 101 Peek Away 4-in-1 Nursing Kit: Nursing on-the-go made easy!  The Peek Away 4-in-1 Nursing Kit has everything mom needs to feed baby comfortably and discreetly.   The kit comes with a portable nursing pillow, diaper-changing pad, nursing cover and a fashionable bag to keep them all organized. The Peek Away 4-in-1 Nursing Kit is sold for $46.98 on Amazon or the Peek Away website. 
 Juno Blu Breast Pump Bag - Brilliant Baby Products Breastfeeding 101 Juno Blu Bag: A must-have for every working nursing mother!  The Juno Blu handbags are designed with the collapsible pump pocket.  The pump pocket allows for easy, functional and discrete access to the breast pump.  Because the pocket is collapsible, it enables the bag to have alternative functions other than just carrying breastfeeding accessories.  The bags are sold online on the Juno Blu website.
 balboa2 Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow:  Comfort is the key when it comes to successful breastfeeding.  The Balboa Baby nursing pillow is designed with comfort in mind.  It’s contoured design helps relieve back, neck and shoulder stress.  It also comes with a machine Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow - Brilliant Baby Products Breastfeeding 101washable and dryable removable cover.  The Balboa Nursing Pillow is sold for $50.00 on the Balboa Baby website.
 Milk Makers Cookies - Brilliant Baby Products New Mom Gifts Milkmakers Lactation Cookies:  Research shows nearly half of moms stop breastfeeding because of insufficient milk supply.  Milkmakers lactation cookies provide mom’s body with the natural nutrition it needs to make milk. They taste delicious, they are baked fresh and delivered straight to the front door.  Starter packages begin at just $19.99.  They are sold online at the Milkmakers website.
 Milkies Milk Savers - Brilliant Baby Products Breastfeeding 101 Milkies Milk Savers:  Any nursing mom will tell you: Every. Drop. Counts.  The creators of the Milkies Milk Savers recognize this. These specially designed bags capture leaked milk from the unattended breast when mom is feeding baby or pumping with a single breast pump.  This extra milk can be stored for baby to receive via bottle at a later feeding.   Milkies can be purchased for $27.95 at select baby boutiques nationwide or online at the My Milkies website
 Aqua Scale 3-in-1 Baby Tub - Brilliant Baby Products Breastfeeding 101 The Aqua Scale: A new study links baby’s weight gain in the first month with potential IQ later in life. Weight gain is also an indicator of breastfeeding success.  The Aqua Scale helps parents to track baby’s weight gain in between doctors’ visits.  This  3-in-1 scale also works as a baby bath with water thermometer. The Aqua Scale is sold for $69.99 at Babies ‘R Us and Target stores nationwide or on The Aqua Scale website.
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What parents need to know when baby products are recalled

By Nicole Moon, BBP Blog Contributor

The news of a sixth baby’s death in the recalled Nap Nanny infant sleeper is a yet another stark reminder to parents to pay attention to recalls.     The Nap Nanny was recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission nearly a year ago, but the product still remains in homes across the country and it’s not the only recalled product that’s still out there.

Why?  Because many parents believe the benefits of the products outweigh the risks.   Not so.

Here are some recent examples of baby products that have been recalled and our suggestions for different products that do as well (or better) at solving the problem for parents.


Some of the product recalls (and replacement products) she could discuss include –

Recalled Product: Suggested Replacement Product: 
  napnanny The Nap Nanny Infant Recliner was recalled after several infant deaths related to babies falling out of them or getting stuck in them.  DayDreamer Sleeper - Brilliant Baby Products The DayDreamer Sleeper’s higher walls, secured buckle and easy-to-read warning labels address all the safety concerns of the Nap Nanny while still giving baby the benefits of inclined sleep.
 P-17-481 DI HipHam_Reg [Converted] The Playtex HipHammock was recalled after reports that the carrier’s shoulder straps cracked and came loose, thus putting baby at risk of falling out. Moby Go - Brilliant Baby Products Summer Travel The MobyGo from Moby Wrap has a “side carry” option for parents who want to carry baby on the hip.  Its wide straps  have a safety elastic catch to prevent straps from coming loose.
 AngelCareMonitor1LARGE The AngelCare Movement Sensor was recalled after reports that the sensor’s power cords came loose and presented a strangulation hazard.  Snuza Hero Monitor - Brilliant Baby Products The Snuza Hero is portable and easy-to-use movement monitor which clips onto baby’s diaper to ensure that normal movement is maintained.  No cords involved.
 infantino monkey The Infantino Teething Monkey was recalled after dozens of reports of babies choking on it.  lela Made with 100% rubber, the Lela teether from Lassig USA is dye-free and safe for babies.
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Fourth of July Firecracker Pops!

Red, white and blue!  Strawberries, yogurt and blueberries!  We’re cooling down with some yummy (and super cute!) patriotic pops this Fourth of July weekend – with many thanks to HABA USA for these downright adorable silicone popsicle trays in “Magica” and “Penguin” shapes.

IMG_3244  IMG_3243

I wasn’t sure how the silicone trays would work.   At first, I thought they would be too flexible and cause a lot of spills but they really weren’t. I did learn that once the trays are full you need to grab from the middle rather than the sides to help keep the contents in them easier.  Getting them out of the trays once they were frozen was a lot easier than regular popsicle makers too.  You simply “pop” them out — as opposed to running those plastic trays under water and then finding that magic pressure point that pulls the popsicle out of the tray without pulling the stick out by itself.

The best part (for me anyway) is that after you’re done, the sticks pop right back into the tray.  So they aren’t loose and easy to get lost.  I can’t tell you how many popsicle trays I’ve trashed because all of the sticks disappeared!


Fourth of July Firecracker Pops


1 cup of strawberries, husked

1 cup of blueberries

1 cup of plain yogurt

4 tbsp sugar (divided)



1.  Use a blender or food processor to puree strawberries with 1 tbsp of sugar.  Set aside in separate bowl.  Repeat with blueberries and 1 tbsp of sugar.

2.  Mix 2 tbsp of sugar with yogurt.

3. Place all popsicle sticks into the holders before beginning to fill them.


4. Drop a spoonful of yogurt into each popsicle holder.  Repeat with a spoonful of strawberries and a spoonful of blueberries.  Repeat until the holders are full.

5.  Use a skewer to draw circles in the holders to swirl the berries and the yogurt together.


6.  Put in the freezer for at least 3 hours before serving.


Taste test from the peanut gallery:  YUM!


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June’s “Dadtrepreneur”: InRoad Toys’ Andy Musliner

By Nicole Moon, BBP Blog Contributor

brian picture

Brian opening his Christmas wish present, a big box of cars with older brothers Eric and Alex watching

It started with a Christmas wish.

That wish was made nearly 12 years ago, by then-3 year old Brian Musliner.  All he wanted for Christmas was a big box of cars.   And much to his astonishment and delight, he got exactly what he wished for.  Dozens of them.

“But then came the obvious question,” Brian’s father Andy said. “Where do you drive them all?”

That question sent Andy on a quest to design the perfect way to building roads anywhere.   Andy’s solution rolled out in 2014 with the introduction of PlayTape.

PlayTape is removable tape designed to look like roads.  You can stick and restick it anywhere and it cut or tear it to exactly the size you need.  It’s every little boys dream!

Andy markets and sells PlayTape through his new company InRoad Toys.  Like many entrepreneurs, Andy says becoming a small business owner has presented many challenges.

Andy Muslinger - InRoad Toys - Brilliant Baby Products

Andy Muslinger presenting PlayTape at the New York Toy Fair in 2014

“I wasn’t born and bred in the toy industry, so my biggest challenge is the constant need to learn and navigate a new part of the industry,” he said. “I’m overcoming this by surrounding myself with smart people who know this industry well and by learning to humbly ask a lot of stupid questions and seek sage advice. I am very fortunate to have found some marvelous guides through the toy jungle.”

Those challenges are party of the reason he’s glad he waited until his children were older to launch his businesses.   His number one recommendation to any parent looking to go into business for themselves is to wait until your children are grown.

“You’ll have more mental power and time to dedicate to the effort,” he said. “Don’t lose those precious years when everyone is at home.”

He also recommends making sure you have the money and the time to build your business.

“A new business takes time, unprecedented fortitude, and far more money than you expect. So have your financial house in good order,” he adds. “Think things through carefully, and test your product or business model as inexpensively as you can to see if your business will indeed be a success. No sense wasting years of time and money on something that won’t work. There’s always another great idea around the corner.

While he credits his son for the inspiration to design and create PlayTape, he credits his wife, with whom he just celebrated their 25th anniversary, for giving him the time and encouragement to make this PlayTape dream a reality.

“To be honest, I’ve never been very good at work-life balance,” he adds. “However, I’m blessed with a tremendously supportive wife and family who make my uneven balance feasible. I do take the time to go on family vacations and those are the times I love the most.”

Vacations aside, Andy has big plans for the future of InRoad Toys and PlayTape.   He’s already working on three to four years worth of product line extensions.

PlayTape - Brian Muslinger - InRoad Toys

Today, Brian helps his dad with strategic planning for the company

“We have a long road of opportunity ahead of us just with PlayTape (pun intended),” he said. “If in 10 years no child can imagine a world without PlayTape, I will have done my job.”

Oh, and if you’re wondering what happened to Brian, Andy’s now 16 year old son, the one who put this whole thing into motion?  Brian now works along side his dad helping with strategy and merchandising.

More information about InRoad Toys is available at:



Brilliant Baby Products has declared 2014 the year of the Momtrepreneur.  Each month we will feature a different mom taking her “brilliant” idea and using it to make the lives of parents around the world easier and more fun!

January’s Momtrepreneur: Oogaa’s Sam Skolnik

February’s Momtrepreneur: PRK Products, Inc.’s Paula Roeske

March’s Momtrepreneur:  Moby Wrap’s Gillian Beerman

April’s Momtrepreneur:  Baby Elephant Ears’ Alicia Overby

May’s Momtrepreneur:  Baby Banana Brush’s Sandra Phillips

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