Product Spotlight: Melinda G Nursing Bras

melindagBy Misty Vogtritter, BBP Blog Contributor

What won’t a new mother do for her child?

Ask any nursing or formerly nursing mother, they will tell you, it is HARD work.  Not only mentally exhausting  (keeping track of when baby last ate to which side to start on) but physically exhausting  (it takes a lot of energy to nurse) and not to mention painful (cracked nipples, clogged ducts, ouch!)

When my boys were little and still nursing, nursing pads, nipple cream and nursing bras were my lifesavers so I’m a little bummed that I never knew about these amazing nursing bras from Melinda G.  They have built in removable pads!  I am really enamored with the Smoothly Divine T-Shirt Bra (because as a new mom I lived in t-shirts and yoga pants!).  It has a great criss-cross style for cleavage boosting – not that I needed any help with that, but I know some moms do.  It also has channeling under the breasts for extra support, one-handed clips to for easy access and extra back hooks for a new mom’s changing figure.    It comes in both black and nude.   And if that didn’t have you sold, the price tag will.  These awesome bras are sold for just $48.99 on the Melinda G website.

Melinda G also has several other types of nursing bras available and even a few camisoles too, so check them out at

Nursing your baby is hard work but products like Melinda G bras can make it so much more comfortable.   And for all you nursing mothers out there, the end result is worth it.

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Solutions for the Top Fears of New Dads

By Joe Marcucci, Brilliant Baby Products Blog Contributor
While the last few months have been focused on the expecting mom, dad’s turn in the spotlight isn’t too far away. It’s only natural to have some trepidation about the life changes coming when baby arrives but dads, it seems, have a whole different set of fears.Top Five Fears of New Dads
1.  I won’t be ready when the baby comes
  More than 80 percent of the fathers they were worried they wouldn’t be able to perform when their partner was in labor.  They were afraid of passing out, throwing up, or getting queasy.  Doctors say dads who become engaged in the process do better than those who sat by and watched.  Get the new dad “in role” with Daddy Scrubs!  These special scrubs stand apart with the words “I’m the Daddy” printed on the back and they double for extra comfort as dad supports his partner through the birthing process.
2.  I won’t be able to build a bond with my child
  Many new fathers feel left out of the bonding process, especially when it comes to breastfeeding. They can’t feed the baby themselves and they envy the closeness the mother and baby share when nursing. Dad can, however, participate in the feeding process without undermining mom’s breastfeeding efforts by using specialized bottles.  He can also get that “close” feeling bond with baby carriers made to adjust to larger bodies.
3.  My relationship with my wife will change
  Bringing a baby into the world definitely changes the dynamics of a couple’s relationship, especially during those first few months.  Both partners need to make an extra effort to make time and place for romance.  A staycation is a great option for parents who aren’t quite ready to leave baby for an extended amount of time.
4.  I’ll lose my “man”-ness carrying around all that frilly baby gear
  With so many fathers taking an active role in the raising of children these days, baby products are no longer made with just mom in mind!  Diaper bags come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Even strollers, like this dad-friendly line made by Joovy, are designed for both mom and dad to use!
5.  Can we really afford to pay for a child?
  This is one biggest fears men face and it is deeply wired into our culture.   There’s no doubt that raising children is expensive (the latest estimates put total costs at around $300,000!) but th ere are plenty of ways parents can save money every day.  Using cloth diapers, like the ones made by Phoenix-based Evolution Diapers, is not only eco-friendly it can save more than $1,700 in diapering costs.   Parents can also save money by making their own baby food at home.
While most new dad fears are well founded, my best piece of advice for any new parent is to trust your instincts.  I can’t count the number of times following my gut feeling helped to alleviate a problem for my babies (and conversely how many times I wished I’d followed my instincts when problems arose).   My other piece of advice, of course, is to “like” the Brilliant Baby Products Facebook Page and we will do our best to keep you updated on the latest and greatest baby products out there to make parenting easier.
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Encouraging healthy habits starts now!

By Kathleen Tomes, Brilliant Baby Products Blog Contributor

Great news – a recent study finds childhood obesity is declining among young children.  It seems parents are getting the message: developing healthier habits that include increased physical activity is more important than ever.  

At Brilliant Baby Products, we understand the importance of encouraging healthy habits early and that’s why we love these awesome products that get the little ones up and moving in ways that they probably wouldn’t even consider exercise!


Jungle Jumparoo: The Jungle Jumparoo is exercise in disguise.  Unlike dangerous trampolines, this clever bouncer is low to the ground, allowing an easy way to get on and off for all ages.  Just 10 minutes burns more calories than a half hour of running!  Sold for $399 on the Jungle Jumparoo website.



Terra Kids Multi-functional Backpack: This kid-sized outdoor backpack from HABA Toys is perfect for budding hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.   Its padded back incorporates an ergonomically shaped ventilation system and the shoulder straps are padded as well.   Sold for $66.49 on the HABA Toys website.



Zike:It’s not a bike.  It’s not a scooter.  It’s a ZIKE and it’s the coolest new mode of transportation around.  Made for children as young as five but can be used by adults as well, it looks like a scooter but it’s powered by bike-like pedals.  Priced from $199- $499 each and sold on the Zike website.

Wave Runner Beach Ball from Flash Sales: Wave Runner Beach Ball creates powerful speed when thrown in any open water play at the beach or lake. It has the ability to bounce high and fast for a great water sports experience. Sold for $9.99 on the Flash Sales website.

Upside Down Yoga: Upside Down Games offer physical, social, and intellectual benefits for players of all ages.   The company offers several games like the Yoga Spinner or the Yogi Finder to promote family connectedness and health.  Sold for $7.95- $29.95 on the Upside Down Games website

Ring Stix: A cross between playing catch and throwing a Frisbee, RingStix is a fun and easy-to-learn game that can be played anywhere – backyard, parties or at the beach!  Sold for $14.99 on the Ring Stix website.


The Spooner:  Skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding collide in the Spooner Freestyle Board!   This fun board makes it easy to learn new tricks for board sports without fear of falling.  The board improves core strength, stability and coordination.  Sold for $44.95 on the Spooner website.

Like what you see?  Follow the Brilliant Baby Products Facebook page to get daily updates on awesome new products that make parenting easier and more fun!



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Product Spotlight: PRK Products Bottle and Food Jar Organizers

PRK Products Food Jar & Bottle Organizer - Brilliant Baby ProductsBy Misty Vogtritter, BBP Blog Contributor

New Year’s Resolutions often include organizing the home. This month’s Product Spotlight is on the PRK Products Bottle and Food Jar Organizers. 

I seriously wish I had known about these before my third child!  PRK Products’ founder Paula Roeske talks about creating the Food Jar organizer after a baby food jar fell out of the pantry and broke her baby son’s toe.  I seriously felt her (or maybe his?) pain!  I remember stacking the jars in my cabinets with my first son and opening the door one time and having them all fall out!   But with the Food Jar Organizer, this time around I didn’t have that problem.  It easily stores up to 16 baby food jars at a time and it uses gravity to pull the jars forward so there’s always one available.  You can stack one on top of another and have room for 32 jars.  Even better, it has a flat top so I can store stuff on top.  You can see in the picture, our formula can used to go on top of it when our little guy still needed formula.   What’s even better, now that we’re past the baby food stage, I now stock it up with puddings, fruit cups and other snacks so grabbing something when we’re in a rush is super easy.

The Bottle Organizer is a LIFESAVER.   With my other boys I seriously had to dedicate a good quarter of my kitchen countertop space just to bottles.  The Bottle Organizer keeps them all in one small contained place and even dispenses them like a soda machine.  Awesome!   It will hold up to 12 bottles or sippy cups and is compatible with more than 30 brands of cups.   It also has an accompanying accessory basket to store the nipples and other attachments.   We’re in the sippy cup stage right now and we love it.   Like the Food Jar Organizer, the Bottle Organizer will grow with us so when we’re done with sippy cups, we’ll be able to use it for kid water bottles and eventually adult water bottles.  Once all three boys are in sports, we’re sure to be going through a ton of water bottles!

Both organizers are available in several different colors.  They’re sold for $24.95 each on the PRK Products website, at select Buy Buy Baby stores and Babies R Us online.

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