Splish, Splash! Best products for baby’s bath time

   Bath time can be one of the best times of the day for little ones in their parents.  Not only does baby get clean, but they also get to relax, play and splash at the end of a tiring day.   Here are our picks for some of the best products out there to make bath time easier and more enjoyable, start-to-finish!
 Aqua Scale 3-in-1 Baby Tub - Brilliant Baby Products Breastfeeding 101 Aqua Scale: The first ever 3-in-1 baby bath tub that promotes baby’s health and well-being.  The Aqua Scale by UpSpring Baby is more than just the average baby bathtub.  It tracks baby’s weight gain both when the tub is full of water and dry. This is extremely important for new parents in those first few months.   It also has a built-in water thermometer so parents can make sure baby’s water is never too hot or too cold.  It easily converts from newborn use to toddler use. Sold for $69.99 on the UpSpring Baby website.
 dolphin organics bubble bath Dolphin Organics Bubble Bath:  It wouldn’t be a bath without bubbles!  Instead of loading baby’s bath with chemicals, turn to Dolphin Organics Baby Bubble Bath for a fragrance free, tear free, hypoallergenic bubble bath experience.  Baby Bubble Bath uses a proprietary blend of 100% natural and QAI certified organic ingredients to help clean and soothe.  Sold for $12.99 on the Dolphin Organics website.
 hababathtub HABA Bath Toys:  Move over rubber duckies!  We are in love with the entire line of bath toys from HABA USA.  From the waterfall to the fish set, bath time just isn’t the same.  Sold on the HABA USA website.
 brica scoop Brica Super Scoop:   Store bath toys all in one place!   The Brica Super Scoop comes with a Push-Lock™ suction cup that securely mounts this cute fish-themed scoop hanger to tile or fiberglass tubs.  Its mesh fabric increases air flow so toys dry quicker, helping to prevent mildew.  Super Scoop™ also has an extra-large mouth that gobbles up toys and encourages children to put their bath toys away.  Sold for $12.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond.
 Clevamama Clevamama Splash & Wrap Hooded Towel:  This is a lifesaver for any parent who has tried to get a wiggly wet baby out of the tub and into a towel with just one hand.  The Clevamama Splash & Wrap Hooded Towel fastens around your neck like an apron leaving two free hands to safely lift your baby out of the bath.  Available  Made with 100% cotton so it’s gentle on baby’s delicate skin.   Sold for $19.99 on Amazon.
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Thank Dad for his diaper-duty! Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Dads today are doing more than ever when it comes to helping with the kids.  A recent study found nine out of 10 dads bathed, diapered, helped with the toilet and dressed their kids at least several times a week and nearly two out of three dads read to their children at least several times weekly.With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to thank dad for all his hours of hard work, diaper duty and play time.This year, get creative with a gift as unique as dad is:
   MobyReds MLB Edition Moby Wrap: Score big when you get dad a Moby Wrap with his favorite MLB logo right on the front!  We guarantee he won’t complain the next time you ask him to hold the baby.  (Wait, was this a gift for dad?  Or for mom?)   Sold for $49.95 on the Moby Wrap website.
 swift391388-L Skip Hop Swift Diaper Bag: Unisex and dad-friendly, the Swift unfolds into a cushioned home-away-from-home changing space for baby and toddler, with all of the things you need right at your fingertips. Sold for $60 on the Skip Hop website.
 playtape PlayTape from InRoad Toys:  Raid the toy box and help dad unleash his inner child with PlayTape from InRoad Toys.    This removable tape is designed to look like roads.  It tears to any length and adheres to most surfaces.  Sold in varying widths and lengths on the InRoad Toys website.
 the_daddy_diaper_changing_toolbox_02 Diaper Changing ToolBox from Daddy & Co.:  The Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox is a perfect blend of fun and functionality for the Expectant Father or New Dad.  Sold for $49.95 on the Daddy & Co website.
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Hottest new toys from the 2014 ASTRA Marketplace & Academy

The American Specialty Toy Retailer Association (ASTRA) is heating up downtown Phoenix this week with some of the hottest new toys available.

Brilliant Baby Products is on the floor of the show to find the newest up-and-coming products that are sure to become best-sellers.   We featured some of these products live on-the-air with Good Morning Arizona and we’re sharing them here for everyone who doesn’t live in the Phoenix area.

Our “Hottest Toy” picks from the 2014 ASTRA Marketplace & Academy:


 PlayTape - Brilliant Baby Products PlayTape from InRoad Toys:  Road trip!  PlayTape from InRoad Toys is removable tape designed to look like roads.  Tear it to any length and you’re on your way to building your own mini-town wherever you are!  PlayTape is compatible with most toy cars on the market.  Available in road design and railroad designs.  Sold in varying widths and lengths on the InRoad Toys website:
 Wigglefants from HABA USA - Brilliant Baby Products Wigglefants from HABA USA: Stack up the fun with the Wigglefants Stacking Game! Perfect for fostering fine motor skills and problem solving skills, stacking games are both educational and fun. The adorable, brightly colored elephants can be flipped upside-down or placed right-side-up to create silly structures.  Sold for $27.99 on the HABA USA website.
 Kidzzfarms KidzzFarms: Perfect bouncy fun for toddlers! Kidzzfarm has given the traditional hopper a personality with adorable animal designs. Bella, Harry, and Sammy make perfect companions, providing hours of imaginary play and exercise.  Sold for $20-$40, depending on which animal you choose, on Amazon.
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Hitting the road? Our must-haves for summer travel with kids

By Nicole Moon, BBP Blog Contributor Memorial Day marks the official kick-off of the summer travel season.  About 89 percent of people in the United States are planning a summer trip this year, according to a new survey from TripAdvisor.  If you’re one of those – and you’re planning to take the kids along – here are our list of MUST-HAVE toolsto get you safely (and sanely) to your vacation destination!
 Britax-Backseat-Mirror Britax BackSeat Mirror:  Keep an eye on baby the whole way there!  The BRITAX Back Seat Mirror provides a head-to-toe view of your rear-facing baby at any angle. The adjustable attachment straps allow the mirror to securely attach to most vehicle head restraints, while its soft-feel frame design has a sleek, modern look.  Sold for $19.99 on the Britax website
 kickmat Prince Lionheart kickMat:  Beware of the kicker!  Once your toddler’s feet can reach the back of your seat, kicking is just irresistible to them.  Protect your car’s seats from footprints and scuffs with the kickMat from Prince Lionheart.   Sold for just $16 on the Prince Lionheart website.
 playtape In Road Toys PlayTape:  Kids will get stuck on the award-winning PlayTape for hours of fun in the car, at Grandma’s house, in the hotel room or just about anywhere.  This awesome removable tape in the design of a road gives toy cars instant appeal.  It comes in different widths, lengths and colors.  Price ranges from $1.99 to $12.99 a roll.  It is sold online on the InRoads Toys website.
 Haba27 HABA Mini Games:  What road trip is complete without board games or card games.  With HABA USA’s Mini Games, every member of the family can get involved.   Games are available for children as young as one and include counting, stacking, bingo, go-fish, charades and more!  Prices vary.  Sold on the HABA USA website. 
 DayDreamer Sleeper - Brilliant Baby Products DayDreamer Sleeper:   Have you ever tried to get a baby to sleep at a hotel or someone else’s house?  Not easy!  Once you get to your final destination, the DayDreamer Sleeper is a lifesaver.  It’s super soft materials and perfect 28 degree incline make it easy for baby to fall asleep and stay asleep!  For tired, traveling parents, it’s a Godsend.   Sold for $129.99 exclusively at Babies ‘R’ Us.   More information on the DayDreamer Sleeper website.
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