Best New Products for New and Expecting Parents


By Kathleen Tomes, BBP Editor
From car seats and strollers to swim diapers and sunblock, there’s no doubt about it – having a baby has changed a lot over the last few decades!  Fortunately, many new innovations have hit the market to make it easier than ever to keep baby (and mom and dad) safe, happy and healthy.
As President of Brilliant Baby Products and Editor of our Blog, I get to see a lot of new products come across my desk but only the truly “brilliant” ones get the nod of approval.  These are just a few of my favorite “latest and greatest” baby products to make parenting in this day and age easier.
The Brica Infant Car Seat Comfort Canopy
  Why it’s “Brilliant”:
The infant car seat carrier definitely makes life easier for new parents but it doesn’t protect them from the elements and those people at the grocery store who want to reach in and squeeze their cheeks. The Brica Infant Car Seat Comfort Canopy creates a barrier to protect baby. It’s made from breathable mesh to let the fresh air in while keeping out bugs, rain, wind, and germs from overly friendly strangers.  It’s innovative design works with your car seat/stroller travel systems or lets you carry your car seat with the canopy on. The large zippered opening allows for easy access to your baby. The cover also blocks over 98% of damaging UVA/UVB rays and can be tucked away in a zippered pocket when not in use.  The Comfort Canopy is sold for $24.99 at Target, Babies R Us & Amazon or on the Brica website.
Peek Away 4-in-1 Nursing Essentials Kit
  Why it’s “Brilliant”:
Today’s mom is always on the run. The Peek Away 4-in-1 Nursing Essentials Kit comes with everything a nursing mom needs to feed baby while on-the-go.  It includes a nursing pillow, built in changing pad, removable wipes case and a coordinated nursing cover that ensures privacy even in public.  Best of all,  it’s all stored in a fashionable, easy-to-carry bag.   The Peek Away 4-in-1 Nursing Kit is sold for $46.98 at various retail stores in California or on the Peek Away website.
Dolphin Organics Shampoo/Body Wash, Hypoallergenic Lotion and Bubble Bath
  Why they’re “Brilliant”:
Babies are known for their soft, tender skin.  Dolphin Organics products help keep it that way.  The products are dermatologist tested and made from all natural, certified organic materials to give baby the gentle clean she needs.  The fragrance free, tear free Baby Shampoo & Body Wash uses organic aloe leaf juice to gently cleanse your baby’s hair and skin without stripping their natural oils.  The Norfolk Lavender Bubble Bath uses a natural blend of lavender oils and extracts to scent our gentle bubble bath with the relaxing aroma of lavender.  Organic calendula and oat kernel help soothe and protect your baby’s delicate skin, but the whole family can indulge their senses with our Norfolk Lavender bubble bath. The Simply Citrus Lotion is made from a complex blend of organic aloe leaf juice, organic calendula flower and certified natural and organic citrus ingredients designed to rehydrate, protect and nurture sensitive skin. The products are sold for $11.50 – $13.50 each on the Dolphin Organics website.
Preggers Maternity Leggings 
  Why it’s “Brilliant”:
Swelling, tired legs and feet are just one of the not-so-fun complications of being pregnant.   The solution is compression stockings and if you’ve ever had to buy them you’ll know that they come in two different styles:  ugly and uglier. Not anymore!  Fashion meets function with the Preggers Gradient Compression Maternity Leggings.  Mom looks AND feels great by layering Preggers leggings with their favorite maternity tunic or dress. The gradient compression delivers a controlled amount of squeeze that’s greatest at your ankle and gradually gets lighter up the leg helping to improve circulation, prevent swelling and energize tired legs and feet.  Support top expands to comfortably fit a growing belly and does not have a “Panel” making it a product you can wear before, during and after pregnancy. They’re sold for sold for $36.95 each.  Go to to find a retailer near you or to buy online.
The Ultimate Thermometer
 Temp Traq Why it’s “Brilliant”:TempTraq is the first and only 24-hour intelligent thermometer that continuously senses, records, and sends alerts of a child’s temperature to your mobile device. This wearable Bluetooth thermometer that continuously monitors body temperature and provides convenient alerts to give parent’s peace of mind and their sick children the rest they need to get better. A soft comfortable patch is placed under the arm and continuously senses, records and transmits temperature information using Bluetooth technology to a compatible smart device. This allows parents to monitor their sick child from the next room via the TempTraq app on a device up to 40-feet away, every 10 seconds for 24-hours. Alerts will let a parent know when a child’s temperature is higher than desired. Parents may conveniently monitor multiple thermometers simultaneously, and also email temperature data to healthcare professionals or family members with one touch. Each is sold for $24.99. Visit for more information and to purchase.
These products are just the tip of the iceberg!   We love to feature the new products we find on our Brilliant Baby Products Facebook so go “like” us and we’ll also keep you up-to-date on some of the most “Brilliant” baby products available.


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Top Beach Bag essentials you REALLY need for Summer Vacation

By Alexa Vogue, BBP Blog Contributor

Whether you’re family’s summer plans will involve chilling by a pool or soaking up the sun at a sandy beach, getting your beach bag packed is essential to having a relaxing and stress-free vacay!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Insulated BPA-free water bottles

Dehydration is a real risk in hot weather, and little ones are particularly susceptible. Invest in some BPA-free insulated water bottles with a cute design, and your kids will throw back the water like there’s no tomorrow. Check out this adorable and affordable range from bubba.

Bubba Images

2. First aid kit

Every family beach bag should contain an up-to-date first aid kit. Johnson & Johnson offers a range of kits to suit your lifestyle and your budget. Bites, scratches and stings are an inevitable part of a day at the beach, and you just never know when a bandage or a pair of tweezers might come in handy.

JOhnson and JOhnson

3. Protective swimming hats

Sunscreen alone is not enough to protect little faces and necks from the harsh sun. Sunday Afternoons’ Kids’ Play hat is made of Sun-smart fabric and designed to keep natural-born adventurers safe and happy all the live-long day. Playproof details like a breakaway chinstrap, customizable sizing band, floatable brim, and stain resistance ensure that this hat lasts for summers to come.

Sunday Afternoon

4. High sun protection factor sunscreen

Not all sunscreens are created equal. You should always purchase a sunscreen with the highest protection factor possible.  Dolphin Organics mineral sunscreen is now available with higher protection for even the most delicate skin. Their new SPF50 mineral sunscreen offers broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) protection without parabens, petrochemicals or nano particles. Active Ingredients are Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, all inactive ingredients are plant-derived.



A Great towel

Don’t you just hate how soggy a swimming towel gets after one use? Waci is the smarter towel that is compact, absorbent, fast-drying, unique lightweight microfiber technology. Incredibly soft, yet durable. Machine wash, hang dry with convenient hanger loop.

waci towel


Now that you are packed, you can enjoy vacation and focus on creating fun, family memories!

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Make Baking a Family Event to Celebrate World Baking Day

By Alexa Vogue, BBP Blog Contributor

Mat 17th is World Baking Day! What better way to spend time with family members than to bake or cook together? You can create a lot of great memories in the kitchen, plus use it as an opportunity to teach and build strong relationships.

Baking and cooking together have many benefits including:

  • Preparing family favorite recipes together, especially for the holidays, is a great way to pass on family traditions from generation to generation.
  • Children gain experience by practicing math and reading skills, measuring ingredients and reading recipes, which gives children a chance to learn important life skills. Kids also need opportunities to learn how to prepare healthy foods safely so that they are able to cook for themselves once they are adults.
  • Cooking offers a chance to boost a child’s self-esteem. Children feel a great sense of pride when they’ve successfully prepared a dish or baked cookies.

It may be a little messy, but both children and adults can have fun working together in the kitchen. The best part, of course, is tasting the final product!

Here are some fun kid-friendly products that will make baking together in the kitchen even sweeter. Happy Baking!

 NestingHearts Cookie Cutter Whether or not you wear your heart on your sleeve, the Nesting Hearts Cookie Cutter 4 Piece Gift Set will be a treat for you, OR for a lucky recipient! Show a loved one you care with this pretty gift set. Made in the USA. MSRP: $7.95 Available online at
              HABA.CakeMold HABA’s silicone cake molds are adorable and come with three easy recipes for kids. Available in four designs- Spring Flower, Dinosaur, Horse and Snake, these molds will make creating these cakes as much fun as eating them for the whole family! MSRP: $19.99. Available at
     Baking Buddy Keeping track measuring cups and spoons when baking can be frustrating but there is a new solution- The Baking Buddy! This ALL-NEW kitchen gadget that makes measurement conversion and kitchen organization a breeze! Durable and affordable it will help keep the mess under control so you have have more fun baking! MSRP: Starting at $9.95. Available at


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Product Spotlight: Baby Banana Brush

By Alexa Vogue, BBP Blog Contributor

My 19 month old has an addiction to brushing his teeth.  I’m not joking.  The kid would probably carry attach a toothbrush all day if he could and when he can’t find his own toothbrush, he’ll pull up a stool and steal his big brothers’.

Baby Banana Brush - Brilliant Baby ProductsSo when I was interviewing Natalee Phillips for the Momtrepreneur feature, and she shared with me the story of her nephew ending up in the emergency room after he tripped and fell with a toothbrush in his hand.  I have to admit, the story hit home for me.    Fortunately for me (and all the other moms out there just like me) Natalee’s mother decided to use her nephew’s traumatic experience and turn it into a solution, the Baby Banana Brush.   It turns out accidents involving toddlers running with an object in their mouths (it doesn’t have to be a toothbrush) is the second most common reason for babies being taken to the hospital.  Crazy!

If you haven’t seen the Baby Banana Brush, you need to check it out.   This is a baby toothbrush in the shape of a banana (which incidentally is a popular snack in this house).  The whole thing, bristles and all, is made of silicone which not onlyBaby Banana Brush - Brilliant Baby Products makes it bendable and fun to hold, it is also non-toxic and safe in the accidental case that a bristle would come off.  Natalee told me that is a rare occurrence though.  She also told me that the brush was designed in C-shape because researchers have found that shape is least likely to cause damage if someone were to fall with it in their mouth.

So, after explaining my toddler’s obsession with dental hygiene, Natalee was nice enough to send him his very own Baby Banana Brush.   He LOVES it.  And his big brother’s do too.

The Baby Banana Brush is sold at or on Amazon.   The company also has a sharky tooth brush and an octopus toothbrush too if bananas aren’t so appealing to you.




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